Where to Stay in Zagreb

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Areas to Stay in Zagreb

Zagreb at a Glance

Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, is sometimes overlooked as a holiday destination, especially by Europeans who are desperately seeking sun, sea and sand. Tourists tend to favour the pristine beaches that run parallel to the azure waters of the Adriatic sea or hop between the islands that are known for their wild parties during the summer months, during which Croatia becomes a hotspot for young revellers heading to one of the many music festivals.

Zagreb however, is a gem in itself - the medieval streets of the city are lined with Austro-Hungarian architecture that date back to the 18th and 19th century. You’ll find an abundance of cafes as the city is big on cafe culture. Saturday mornings here are not for sleeping in, they are for Špica. Between 10 am and 2pm, locals glam up and peruse the markets and lounge at cafes, hoping to be spotted while sipping a coffee.

Zagreb earned its name for becoming the creator of the necktie, worn by mercenaries during the Thirty Year’s War. The Parisians took interest in the ‘cravat’, and since has become the national souvenir.

Zagreb Neighborhoods

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