Where to Stay in Taipei

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Areas to Stay in Taipei

Taipei at a Glance

The capital of Taiwan, Taipei is the financial, governmental, and tourist center of the island. It’s well known for functioning as a melting pot of various cultures. You will notice a heavy dose of Chinese culture blended with Southeast Asian, Japanese, and American influences. Because of that, it isn’t uncommon to hear many different languages while touring Taipei. It also isn’t uncommon to find restaurants that serve a variety of cuisines. If you’re a picky eater, you won’t have to worry when you visit here.

Taipei is known for many attractions, including shopping, delicious food, and gorgeous green spaces. It is also known for its many districts. Each district appeals to a different type of traveler, so do your homework so you know where to stay in Taipei. Then, you will have everything you want out of your trip right outside the front door.

Taipei Neighborhoods

This guide only covers highlights. View all neighborhoods of Taipei.

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