Where to Stay in Seoul

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Areas to Stay in Seoul

Seoul at a Glance

One of the largest cities in the world, Seoul has a population of over 10 million people and an extremely high population density, with the city center towering with high rise apartments and skyscrapers. It is also one of the leading global cities, with many headquarters for international companies such as Kia, LG, Samsung and Hyundai.

Believed to have been founded in 18 B.C.E by the Baekje as one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, Seoul remained the capital of Korea in the Joseon Dynasty and the Korean Empire. However, the city was renamed Gyeongseong in the Japanese colonization which lasted until 1946, afterwhich the city regained its independence.

The city contrasts the old and the new, with Buddhist Temples and regal palaces against the high-tech subways and modernist skyscrapers. The city is surrounded by mountains, and the cultural and historical sights don’t stop once you leave the city. The Hwaseong Fortress is found on the outskirts in Suwon-si, while the UNESCO World Heritage Royal Tombs of the Joseon Dynasty are scattered in 18 nearby locations.

Seoul Neighborhoods

  • Jongno-Gu

    historic centre, 5 palaces, shopping & Ihwa Mural Village

  • Jung-Gu

    other half of the historic centre, colonial architecture, world renowned shoppin

  • Itaewon

    foreigners and expats live here, most multicultural area

  • Hongdae

    universities, shopping, restaurants, entertainment

  • Gangnam

    most expensive, exclusive, designer stores, fine dining

  • Yeouido

    entertainment, business area, cherry blossoms

  • Songpa-Gu

    entertainment, sports and some history

This guide only covers highlights. View all neighborhoods of Seoul.

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