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Punta Arenas is the regional capital of the Magallanes y Antartica Region located in Chilean Patagonia. Punta Arenas (formerly Punta Arenosa, "Sandy Point") is located on the Brunswick Peninsula and was founded in the 17th century by Englishman J. Byron who gave it the name of Sandy Point. With a population of around 120,000 (2002) it is the largest settlement on the Strait of Magellan and is located 1418 km from the coast of Antarctica.

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Popular Tours in Punta Arenas

Shore Excursion: Magellan Penguins Natural Reserve

1 Review

Sail through the Magellan Strait to Isla Magdalena and Isla Marta, both of them form the Natural Monument Los Pinguinos, which protects more than 120,000 penguins... Read More

Magdalena Island Penguin Tour by Boat

15 Reviews

Experience your own ‘March of the Penguins’ on Magdalena Island during a morning tour by boat from Punta Arenas. After cruising across the Strait of Magellan,... Read More

Arrival Transfer: Punta Arenas Airport to Hotel

0 Reviews

Enjoy a convenient transfer between Punta Arenas Airport and hotels. Start your trip with a convenient transfer from Punta Arenas Airport to your hotel in just 30... Read More

Magellan Strait Park and Punta Arenas City Tour

0 Reviews

Enjoy this day tour to the Magellan Strait Park and the city of Punta Arenas departing from either your hotel or from Punta Arena's port! Read More

Marta Island, Magdalena Island and Punta Arenas

0 Reviews

Both islands form an interesting ecosystem, making an obligatory visit for any visitor, whereas Marta Island lodges more than 1000 Sea lions, Cormorants, Skuas,... Read More

Private Fuerte Bulnes and Punta Arenas City Tour

3 Reviews

Start this tour by visiting Fuerte Bulnes. Then we will have lunch before we continue with the city tour visiting the main places of the city, and seeing the... Read More

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