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Lijiang is the main center of the Naxi or Nakhi people, though it is by no means a Naxi-only town: at least half a dozen other ethnic groups are represented. The Naxi number under a million and are perhaps best-known for their embroidery; they also have their own language with its own hieroglyphic-style writing system, and their own religion, clothing, art, architecture, music and dance. The Chinese government classifies the Mosuo (found mainly further north around Lugu Lake) as part of the Naxi

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Top Things to Do in Lijiang

Lijiang Old Town

Historic Site

Lugu Lake

Historic Site

Shuhe Ancient Town

Historic Site

Lijiang Impressions Show


Blue Moon Valley

Scenic Walking Area

Lijiang Mural in Baisha Village

Historic Site

Black Dragon Pond Park


Square Street (Sifangjie)


Mufu Palace

Historic Site

World Heritage Park, Lijiang


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