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Dely Ibrahim is a suburb of the city of Algiers in northern Algeria. Here is located Serbian Military cemetery, created between 1916 and 1919. At the time in several coastal towns and villages in Algeria were more French military hospitals where the wounded and exhausted Serbian soldiers were treated. Those soldiers were from the island of Corfu and Vido transported for further treatment in the Allied military hospital in North Africa

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Top Things to Do in Dély Ibrahim

Notre Dame d'Afrique

Sacred & Religious Site

Kasbah of Algiers

Historic Site

Le Jardin d'Essai du Hamma


La Grande Poste d'Alger

Architectural Building

Tombeau de la Chretienne


Memorial du Martyr


Musee National du Bardo

Speciality Museum

La Rue Didouche Mourad

Historic Walking Area

Ketchaoua Mosque

Sacred & Religious Site

Monastere de Tibhirine

Sacred & Religious Site

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