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Cali is a city in southwestern Colombia, capital of the Valle del Cauca department. It has about 2 million inhabitants and it is a significant industrial and commercial center of activity in Colombia. It has a wonderful weather with beautiful, warm and sunny days and an average temperature of 26_ C (79_ F), that ranges from 19_ C (66_ F) to 34_ C (93_ F). Its altitude is 1003 meters (3290 ft) above sea level.

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Top Things to Do in Cali

Zoologico de Cali


Museo Aereo Fenix

Specialty Museum


Other Zoos & Aquariums

Cristo Rey


Gato de Tejada

Architectural Building

Museo de la Cana de Azucar

Specialty Museum

Iglesia de San Antonio

Historic Walking Area

Iglesia La Ermita


Biblioteca del Centenario


Fundacion El Refugio


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Popular Tours in Cali

Bird Watching and West Trail from Cali

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One of Cali's main atractions is the diversity of climates and ecosystems. In less than 40 minutes you are 0.6 miles high in the mountain. Today's tour is all... Read More

Paragliding Tour from Cali

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During this 5 hour adventure, enjoy the most amazing view of the Valley and live the freedom of flying. Paragliding is a unique adventure where you can enjoy the... Read More

Calima Lake Day Trip

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Calima lake with it's permanent winds make it ideal for water sports like windsurfing and kite-surfing. Take in the opportunity to navigate with kayaks, relax and... Read More

Private Tour to Cali Zoo Including Admission

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The Cali Zoo is a must. It's known as one of the best zoos in South America. Walking outdoors in a natural environment, you can admire big cats, birds,... Read More

Private Bird-Watching Tour in Cloud Forest

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You will be amazed with the numerous varieties of birds and a spectacular cloud forest that you'll experience on this private tour in the mountains near Cali.... Read More

Private 2-Day Tour to Salento From Cali

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Explore a historic mountain village, Colombia’s coffee country, and the gorgeous Cocora Valley on a 2-day, private tour from Cali to Salento that includes meals,... Read More

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Cost of Living in Cali

Daily Budget:

24 - 35

Weekly Budget:

172 - 245
Item Description Estimated Price
Fast Food Meal
Cheap Local Restaurant Meal
Mid-range Restaurant Meal
Coffee at a Cafe
Beer at a Bar
Bottle of Wine from a Market
Ticket to a Movie
Ticket on Public Transportation
Taxi (1km)

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