Top 32 Things to Do in Perth

A Comprehensive Guide to the Top Perth Attractions and Activities

Perth at a Glance

With inviting sandy beaches, affluent neighborhoods, and botanical gardens to boot, Perth is a city that mixes urban lifestyle with natural surroundings. This cool urban lifestyle comes in the form of state of the art museums, and quirky bars while nature is upheld through public parks, natural bush lands and beautiful stretches of protected coastline.

Located on the Swan River, Perth is the capital of Western Australia and has been crowned the sunniest capital in the country thanks to its Mediterranean climate. Visitors can expect hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters making it the perfect year round destination.

Whether you’re using Perth as a base camp to explore the surrounding coastline or you’re a city slicker, there's something in Perth for everyone. Backpackers can enjoy the quirky bars in the downtown district. Adventurous folk can head to the coastline. The foodies can visit the Swan Valley wine region for a gastronomic experience and families can enjoy the inner city parks, interactive museums, and public pools.

How Much Time Do You Need to See Perth?

Perth is a large city with a lot to offer thanks to its many attractions and picturesque surrounding neighborhoods. As such, we’d suggest spending at least three-to-four days here to scratch the surface. However, if you like to move at a faster pace, or you’re just swinging through the area on a great Australian road trip, then the city could be explored in a shorter period.

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Free Things to Do in Perth

Perth is a wealthy city packed to the rafters with exciting activities and excursions that’ll set you back a pretty penny or two. But, if you’re here on a budget, there’s also an array of things to see and do for absolutely free. Below we’ve suggested eight activities to enjoy without breaking the bank.

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

This protected marine park stretches from the northern point of Garden Island to the southern point of Becher Point, and with free admission, it’s a win win. Head out on nature walks, take a paddle of the shores or visit Penguin Island, a protected area home to penguins and silver gulls.

Kings Park

Located just off the business district in central Perth, Kings Park is one of the world’s biggest inner city parks. With botanical gardens, winding pathways and some of western Australia’s finest flora on show this not-so-little park is a real must see.

Didgeridoo Class

Didgeridoo Breath is one of Australia’s largest didgeridoo stores located in downtown Fremantle. The store runs beginner classes ranging from an hour long to intense four-week workshops, however, a 15-minute taster session is available for free.

Barrack Street Jetty

Located at the edge of Perth Water this historical jetty is a favorite spot for dining, recreation and entertaining. By day the jetty is abuzz with local craft stalls and tourists departing the docks on ferries, come evening the area is abuzz with a vibrant nightlife.

Fremantle Markets

Located in downtown Perth, Fremantle Market is a large indoor market dating back to the 1800’s. Wander amidst the local food stalls and artisan designers picking up fares and sampling fresh produce as you go. The market can also be explored on two wheels, for free, by hiring a bike from the E-shed.

Northbridge Piazza

Northbridge Piazza is a communal grassy area boasting complimentary yoga and tai chi classes, live music, and free movie screenings. Grab yourself a beanbag on the grass and settle in for an afternoon of people watching and entertainment.

Perth Cultural Centre

Perth Cultural Centre is an area of the city, located by James Street Mall, which brings together art, culture, and knowledge. The area is home to many of Perth’s leading cultural institutions including the State Library and multiple art galleries. Wander around the area to learn about Perth’s Aboriginal history.

Lake Monger

Lake Monger is an urban wetland located just 20 minutes north of the city and is easily accessible by public transport. The lake is home to the famous black swans and multiple species of birds so strap on your walking shoes and pack your binoculars.

Map of Free Things to Do in Perth
Map of free things to do in Perth

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1-Day Itinerary in Perth

If you’re strapped for time and can only spend a day in Perth, then take a look at our whirlwind itinerary below. We’ve listed the eight most important things to see and do in and around Perth to ensure you experience the best of western Australia.

Art Gallery of Western Australia

The Art Gallery of Western Australia (AWGA) is a public art gallery visited by nearly 400,000 people each year. Definitely a must visit for any art lover!

Cottesloe Beach

Famous for its crystal clear waters, soft white sands and relaxed atmosphere, Cottesloe Beach is a family-friendly beach located just 15 minutes from the city center. Spend an afternoon swimming, snorkeling and surfing the Indian Ocean before retiring to a beach side restaurant for freshly caught seafood.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower sits on Riverside Drive and is one of Perth’s most iconic attractions. 18 bells hang from the tower making them one of the largest sets of ringing bells in the world. Learn the history of the tower and take a behind the scenes look at the bell ringing process on a guided tour of the chamber.

DNA Tower Climb

Located inside the King’s Park and Botanical Gardens, the DNA Tower is an architectural masterpiece. The DNA like strand is made up of 202 steps and resembles a double helix, hence its name. Climb to the top of the tower, above the trees, to find yourself immediately descending back to the ground.

Stirling Gardens

After visiting the King’s Park, you might want to head to a more secluded green area, and just that can be found in Stirling Gardens. This scenic, historical, park boasts kangaroo sculptures, a water feature and plenty of benches for a picnic stop.

Round House

The Round House is the oldest public building in Western Australia and dates back to 1831. Once a prison, the site became a police lock-up before finally becoming a storage facility for the Fremantle Ports. Today it has been salvaged from demolition and stands as one of Perth’s most interesting historical sites.


Kids and adults alike will delight at a visit to Scitech, an interactive museum featuring science exhibitions and a planetarium. This world renowned museum provides an educative experience for all as you hop from station to station expanding your knowledge of the universe as you go.

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts is a contemporary performance venue located in the city center. Culture seekers should check online before visiting to see if you can land on a modern performance or a free contemporary art exhibition.

Map Things to Do in Perth With 1 Day
Map of things to do for a one-day itinerary in Perth

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2-Day Itinerary in Perth

Two days in Perth means you can dial the pace back a little and enjoy more of a leisurely tour of the city. Below we’ve provided a suitable two-day itinerary packed with eight things to see and do.

Aquarium of Western Australia

With over 4,000 aquatic creatures and 40 exhibits, the Aquarium of Western Australia is the 10th largest aquarium in the world. You’ll want to head here early to beat the crowds and hop from exhibition to interactive tour taking in the sea life as you go. If you have the time, the aquarium also hosts ‘shark sleepovers’ where you spend the night sleeping under the sea with your new shark friends.

Swan River

Swan River runs directly through the city, and many local attractions and monuments have been named after the famous waterway. Winding from Darling Scarp to Fremantle the river is a natural attraction and home to multiple excursions including fishing, paddling and boat trips.

Rottnest Island

Located just off the shores of Perth and accessible by boat, Rottnest Island is a tranquil oasis and protected nature reserve. White sand beaches and secluded coves make up the island, and Salmon Bay is a beautiful area located on the south side. Head here early with the family for a fun filled day of snorkeling, surfing and wildlife encounters.

Lotterywest Federation Walkway

The Lotterywest Federation Walkway sits on the east side of King’s Park. The walkway offers great views of the city thanks to its elevated position and is the perfect spot for an afternoon stroll or morning jog. Amble along the arched bridge, through canopies of eucalypts trees, taking in the fresh air as you go.

Bib and Tucker

When it comes to classy beachside cocktails head to Bib and Tucker, a modern restaurant come beach bar that serves fantastic gourmet pizzas. Owned by Eamon Sullivan, an Olympic medal winning swimmer, the Bib is a cool hangout for all. Try to secure a table outside for beach views.

John Forrest National Park

Located just a 40 minute drive north east of the city, John Forrest National Park provides a great morning out for all the family. Strap on your walking boots and head to this grassy area packed with waterfalls, hiking trails, and scenic views. Keep your eyes peeled for the local kangaroos.

Fraser Avenue Lookout

Like many things in Perth, Fraser Avenue Lookout sits inside Kings Park and Botanical Gardens. In the north east corner, this long avenue leads down to a view point that offers panoramic view back over the city. If you’re looking for a place to be for sunset, make sure you’re here

Perth Zoo

With 1258 animals, 164 species and extensive botanical gardens, Perth Zoo provides a great day out for all the family. Visitors can stroll around the zoo at leisure before heading to an informative talk. Alternatively, take a guided tour or participate in a private program to catch a glimpse of animal life behind the scenes.

Map Things to Do in Perth With 2 Day
Map of things to do for a two-day itinerary in Perth

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3+ Day Itinerary in Perth

Three days in Perth is nearly the perfect amount of time to visit the main attractions and the underlying gems. From zoos to hidden beaches and 19th-century neighborhoods, below we’ve listed eight things to see and do on a three-day itinerary in the city.

Yanchep National Park

Located just under an hour north of the city, Yanchep National Park offers limestone caves, Aboriginal culture, and multiple park trails. Historic buildings are nestled on the shores of a lake, and coastal woodland makes up most of the park and provides a great day out for all.

Swan Valley

Swan Valley sits just 25 minutes north-east of Perth and is home to a vast array of wineries thanks to its rich, grape growing soils. Follow the Swan Valley food and wine trail for a gastronomy treat, sampling local fares as you go and enjoying vineyard tours.

Winthrop Hall

This university campus building is so picturesque it’s worth bumping into a couple of students to pay it a visit. Head inside to admire the décor and the history of the building before climbing the bell tower to take in the views of the surrounding grounds.

St Mary’s Cathedral

Set just back from Elizabeth Quay, St Mary’s Cathedral is the church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Perth. Construction of the impressive building began in 1865 and wasn’t finished until the early 2000’s. Culture vultures and history buffs alike will enjoy visiting this grand place of worship.

The Nostalgia Box Museum

This archaic video game museum will throw you back into an era of gaming from a time gone by. With over a 100 consoles on exhibit and multiple games to enjoy the Nostalgia Box Museum will delight gamers and children alike. Spend the morning replaying old video games including Sonic the Hedgehog and Crash Bandicoot.


With a little extra time under your belt, head to the nearby 19th-century town of York located on the Avon River. Spend an hour or two wandering around this early settlement taking in its historic buildings and paying a visit to one of its many museums.


If you’re looking for good swell, head to the beach side city of Lancelin. Located just under two hours north of Perth the beaches of Lancelin are famous for their surf. Book in for a beginner’s lesson or simply spend the morning lounging on the soft sands and sliding down the surrounding dunes.

Adventure World

When it comes to tiring out the kids, or the adrenaline pumped adults, head to Adventure World, an outdoor theme park bursting with awesome rides. With knee jerking roller coasters and rapid water slides, visitors can enjoy an exhilarating day out.

Map Things to Do in Perth With 3+ Day
Map of things to do for a 3+ day itinerary in Perth

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Parting Words

Perth is a ‘do it all’ kind of city that caters to everyone by combining nature with a modern way of living. Whether you’re here with friends, family or backpacking up the west coast, there’s no ends of fun to be had thanks to the city’s manicured parks, well-kept beaches and an array of cultural and historical museums.

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