Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TripHappy? How does it work?

    Have you ever planned a trip to a remote beach, only to arrive and find high-rise resorts and an endless sea of tourists? Or maybe you thought you were heading to a cool local restaurant, then find out you paid double the price for a tourist trap? TripHappy is a tool - for travelers, by travelers - to provide honest recommendations about activities and destinations so you can rest assured knowing you had the best possible trip.

  • How is TripHappy different than Lonely Planet or TripAdvisor?

    It’s simple - TripHappy is the only place you can get advice from travelers like you. Because information on TripHappy comes from other travelers (instead of, say, an 80-year-old retired couple on a bus tour), our recommendations are more up-to-date and relevant than our competitors. You don’t need to read a 300-page guide book that makes every town sound amazing. You don’t need to sift through 3,000,000 reviews of Thailand to find a review you trust. Tell us where you want to go and read advice from thousands of like-minded adventurers.

  • Can I trust the recommendations?

    Every recommendation on this site, from things to do to places to see, comes from real travelers who have had that experience first-hand. Our recommendations are not curated by an editor or paid for by sponsors. We aggregate data from thousands of trips to give you the information you need to plan the trip of a lifetime.

  • I found a bug - what should I do?

    We pride ourselves on having the slickest, fastest travel app on the market. Alas, we are not perfect. If you spot something funny on our site, or have an idea for a new feature, send us some feedback.

  • How do I create a trip?

    If you already know where you want to go, create a trip map and start planning. For detailed instructions, check out our article here.

  • Where can I access or edit a previously created trips?

    To access your previously created trips, hover over your name and select ‘My Trips’ from the dropdown menu. Access an old trip map by selecting "My Trips" from the dropdown

  • How can I edit my trip (e.g. change dates, title, or type)?

    To access your previously created trips, hover over your name and select ‘My Trips’ from the dropdown menu. Once you select the trip you want to edit, simply click ‘Edit’ in the menu bar. Edit an old trip map by navigating to the trip planner map page

  • How do I share my trip?

    From your trip page, click ‘More Actions’ and select ‘Share’. Alternatively, you can just copy and paste the URL from your address bar. Share a trip with friends using the "Share" button on the trip planner map page

  • How can I add a review to a destination?

    You can either add reviews about destinations in two places. From a destination page: Promote your travel blog by adding a review from the destination page or from your profile: Promote your travel blog by adding a review from your profile page To access the destination page use the search bar in the top navigation bar.

  • How can I add activities or accommodations to my trip?

    Unfortunately, these features are not available yet. However, rest assured that our team is working around-the-clock to get this done as soon as possible.

  • How can I find transportation between destinations on my trip?

    To search for transportation between two destinations, you can either click the compass icon in the trip snapshot, or select ‘Find Transportation’ from your itinerary. Find bus, train, or flight transportation by selecting the compass from the trip planner map page Find bus, train, or flight transportation by clicking the link in your itinerary on the trip planner map page

  • Where do you pull your data for transportation options?

    We partner with a company called Rome2Rio to provide our routing options. They’re a team of crazy-smart Aussie’s who spend 20 hours a day scouring the internet for every bus, train, plane, and ferry schedule they can find.

  • Can I trust the transportation recommendations provided? Are the transportation options comprehensive?

    We pride ourselves on having the largest and most comprehensive library of travel options on the internet. Still, because of ever-changing conditions, it is impossible to have an exhaustive list of all transportation options in the world. Each transportation option we recommend is legitimate, but there might be other options out there in addition to what we provide. Use search functionality to get ideas for transportation routes, but we encourage users to do their own research before making a final purchase.

  • How do I edit my profile picture?

    You can change your profile picture here. You can select one of our custom avatars, or import your profile picture from Facebook, Instagram, or Google.

  • How can I add a trip to my profile page?

    Any trip you have created will automatically be added to your profile page, unless you selected not to publish that trip. To publish a trip, select ‘Edit’ from the menu bar and check ‘Publish Trip’ to the TripHappy community. Publish your trip map to the TripHappy community from they trip details popup

  • How can I promote my blog on TripHappy?

    We make it easy to promote your travel blog to thousands of TripHappy users. Check out our travel blogger resources page for more information.

  • How can I embed my trip / profile map on my blog?

    Check out our embedding a map how-to guide for more information.

  • Once a week, the TripHappy team selects a blogger who has contributed to the TripHappy community to be our featured blogger. Their trips (and blog) will be exposed to thousands of users on our landing and community pages. The best way to be selected is to create trips and leave reviews about your favorite and not-so-favorite destinations.

  • TripHappy has exclusive partnerships with a select number of companies in the travel industry. If you’d like to discuss a potential partnership, contact us here.