Where to Stay in Chiang Mai

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Areas to Stay in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai at a Glance

As Thailand’s northern capital, Chiang Mai gets a lot of traffic. Planes whiz in day and night and trains drop off both professionals and eager tourists. Even though the city is bustling, it still offers a retreat from the whirlwind of activity you will find in southern Thailand. That makes Chiang Mai a good placed to relax during your vacation. You can stop by for a few days to recharge before hitting up the bustling Bangkok, or you can stay the entire time and enjoy a relaxing trip.

This place isn’t all about rest and relaxation, though. It is known for its excellent shopping, and it also has some of the best cuisine in all of Thailand. On top of that, it has neighborhoods that cater to certain types of travelers. When you learn about the neighborhoods, it will be much easier to plan your trip.

Chiang Mai Neighborhoods

This guide only covers highlights. View all neighborhoods of Chiang Mai.

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