124 Places to Promote Your Travel Blog

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So you’ve decided to start a travel blog. If all goes well, soon you could be sitting on a beach, doing what you love, and making money while you sleep. And you’re off to a great start! You’ve already written some great content that other travelers find useful. Unfortunately, now you face the same problem that every blogger encounters at some point in their career - how do you get people to see your site?

Well, the answer is a bit complicated. The success of any blog is determined by two factors: 1) great content, and 2) great distribution. This article will focus on the latter - getting your blog in front of thousands of travelers each month.

The Goal: Generate Thousands of Monthly Pageviews and Get Paid to Travel the World

Want to get paid to travel the world? Then you should aim to rank high in search results. For example, Nomadic Matt’s article on Bangkok, is currently the 4th result on Google when you search for “things to do in Bangkok". According to SEO Quake, it receives 167,000 unique visitors each month:

Average monthly traffic for Nomadic Matts article on promoting a travel blog

Sounds like a lot, huh? Well, remember, this is only the monthly total, and his post was written in 2008. Let's assume that Matt didn’t have great traffic in 2008 and that the post only got 10,000 views per month for the first 4 years. After that, let's assume it increased to 50,000 views per month for the next 2 years, and then 100,000 per month for the final two years. That’s 4 million people that have seen this article.

What could you do with 4 million visitors?

Great, but How Do I Do That?

First, you need to understand that this is going to be a slow process. Early on, its hard to get noticed. Alan Howard, a digital marketing guru, describes this as "shouting at Google with duct tape over your mouth." The good news is that even the most successful travel bloggers started with nothing. The fact that you're reading this post means that you’re already ahead of the game. Here are the four most important ways to build your blog presence at an early stage.

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Build Your Network by Participating in Facebook Travel Blogger Groups

There are thousands of other bloggers out there, each trying to claim their piece of the great travel blog pie. These groups are a great place to exchange tips and learn from the experiences of others. They're also great for building partnerships and finding places to guest post. In addition, many of these groups hold weekly events like link or social media exchanges.

Name Members
Nomads 142,177
Girls Love Travel 94,552
Traveling Around the World with a Camera 34,163
Digital Nomads Around the World 24,100
Backpackers 23,978
Travelettes 21,226
Nomads 20,019
Web Work Travel 17,860
Solo Women Travel 14,725
Bloggers Supporting Bloggers 13,705
Travel Photography 12,856
Bloggers and Travelers 11,058
Blog engagement and Promotion Group 10,350
Travel the World Continuously 8,904
Girls vs Globe 7,279
Travel Blogger Tales 7,253
Travel Bloggers Around the World 6,226
Travel Photographers and Writers 5,440
Travel Blogers 5,276
The Business of Blogging 4,527
Ultimate Travel Group 4,523
Travel Bloggers Network 4,484
World Wide Travel Deals 3,960
Travel Blogs Promotion 3,916
Part-time Traveler Talk 3,742
Travel Blogs 3,639
The Aspiring Travel Writer 3,385
Travel Bloggers United 3,248
Society of American Travel Writers 2,268
Travel Bloggers and Writers India 2,268
The Travel Help Network 2,179
HenHouse 2,038
Mexico Travel Writers & Bloggers 1,869
Drifters Unite 1,866
Global Girls United 1,837
Under 1,000 Club 1,749
Official Travel Group 1,622
Travel Video Group 1,437
Female Travel Bloggers 1,381
Travel Writer's Tips 1,294
We See the World Bloggers 1,103
Travel Blogger Social Media Sharing Group 1,043
We Travel Blog 980
Travel blogs and photography 939
African Travel Bloggers & Writers 901
Ultimate Travel Blogging Guest Posts 691
Next Level Travel Blogging 630
Tbex Travel Buddies 586
Travel Press Tips 461
Travel Writers Cafe 166

Share Your Content with the Travel Community

If the goal is to get your content read by travelers, you need to find out where travelers spend their time on the internet. Below is a list of different communities to share your content with.

Travel Blog Exchange
Travel Writers Exchange

Write for Established Travel Publications

Here’s a hot tip: established travel businesses are always looking to publish unique and interesting content for their users. If you can write these articles for them, you’re making their lives' easier. There are a lot of strategies out there for getting these articles published. I’ll list my favorite guides on this topic at the bottom of this post (jump to list). At a high-level, here are some important things to remember:

  • Your writing should be high-quality. Before reaching out, it would be good to have a few different writing samples you can send the editor.
  • Network first. Interact with your target editor on social media before asking them to publish your work. Comment on her posts or ask insightful questions. If they recognize your name when your e-mail pops into their inbox, you are infinitely more likely to have your e-mail read.
  • Write unique pitches for each e-mail. Editors can tell if your e-mail is copied and pasted, and this is the quickest way to have your e-mail deleted before it is read.
Name Domain Authority
Condé Nast Traveler 91
Travel + Leisure 86
Matador Network 78
TravelPulse 68
Budget Travel 68
Travel Weekly 64
The Travel Detective 59
JourneyWoman 55
Global Traveler 47
Travelerstoday 43
Travel & Tour World 41
The Travel Magazine 41
GoNomad 38

Guest Post on Other Travel Blogs

This is a great way to build links and hopefully capture some of the other blog’s audience. Below is a list of 50 of the best travel blogs on the internet, along with their domain authority. If you are a small blogger, these sites are unlikely to let you guest post on their site - start with the facebook exchanges above while you expand your audience. Similar to reaching out to publications, it helps if you build a relationship with these bloggers before reaching out.

Name Domain Authority
Nomadic Matt 70
View From The Wing 65
Miles to Memories 65
Johnny Jet 65
GoNOMAD Travel 62
The Planet D 59
Expert Vagabond 58
A Luxury Travel Blog 57
Travel Dudes 55
Travels of Adam 55
Adventurous Kate 55
Migrationology 54
Y Travel Blog 54
Go Backpacking 53
One Step 4Ward 51
The Blonde Abroad 51
Solo Traveler 51
Ordinary Traveler 50
Never Ending Voyage 50
Our Awesome Planet 49
Twenty-Something Travel 49
Travel With Bender 48
Travel Mamas 48
A Dangerous Business 48
Be My Travel Muse 47
Young Adventuress 47
Goats On The Road 47
Leave Your Daily Hell 46
Just One Way Ticket 46
Alex In Wanderland 45
I Am Aileen 45
Local Adventurer 45
Two Monkeys Travel Group 44
Chasing The Donkey 42
Out Of Town Blog 42
Where’s Sharon? 41
To Europe And Beyond 41
Pinoy Adventurista 40
Nomad Revelations 40
Keep Calm And Travel 39
Travel Codex 39
Cheapest Destinatioin Blog 39
Bucket List Journey 39
The Poor Traveler 38
The Savvy Backpacker 37
Triphackr 37
Map Happy 37
Points With A Crew 32
Indie Traveller 30
Will Fly For Food 28

Guides on Getting Your Articles Published (PR)

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