How to Drive Traffic and Promote Your Travel Blog With TripHappy

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Promote your travel blog with TripHappy to drive high-quality, targeted traffic. We currently have thousands of active users, and over 20,000 original itineraries of trips around the world. TripHappy is a simple and free way to promote your original travel content and increase traffic to your blog. Create a profile with us and start mapping your trips today!

Get Interviewed as a Featured Blogger

Each week, we will publish an in-depth, 500-1000 word interview of a selected travel blogger. Each interview will be unique and span a wide range of topics from the nomadic lifestyle to the business of travel blogging. These interviews are free, we're only looking for compelling stories to tell our users. Each interview will feature an SEO-optimized link to your blog so travelers know where they can read more of your work. To apply to be a featured blogger, you'll need:

  • Your name
  • Blog name, URL, and description
  • Current monthly traffic (low traffic does not disqualify you!)
  • 2-3 sentences on why we should interview you as a featured blogger

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Guest Post on the TripHappy Blog

Guest posting is a great way to drive traffic to your site and expose our audience to your personal brand. We're always looking for high-quality, interesting content. Here is how guest posting on TripHappy works:

  1. E-mail us your story pitch - Before you start writing, you'll need to have your article idea approved by the TripHappy editorial team. Tell us your idea, your target audience for the article, and how long it would be. We are only looking for unique content, so the post cannot already be published on another site.
  2. Get to work - Your pitch is approved, time to start writing! Blog posts must be a minimum of 500 words and include some form of graphics or media. If this is your first guest post with TripHappy, we'll also ask you for a picture and short bio to feature on your post.
  3. Submit and wait for publishing - Once your article is submitted it will go through a final review process to check for grammar and spelling. Once approved, your post will be queued for publishing. We release posts on a schedule to maximize the exposure for your content, but you can expect it to be published within two weeks of approval.

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Let Us Share Your Articles on Social Media

Expose your brand to thousands of eager travelers. Our followers are always looking for high-quality travel content. Tag us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and we'll re-share your blog posts, travel pics, and tweets!

Share City Tips and Get Featured in Our Travel Guides

Build links to your travel blog by reviewing cities on TripHappy

TripHappy is building a comprehensive travel guide for every city in the world, including tips for other travelers. Leaving a short review on our travel guides is a great way to promote your blog. Reviews are immediately visible to travelers researching that location, and the links to your blog are SEO-optimized to maximize your domain authority.

  • If you leave the first review for a destination, we'll make you the featured review on that city's travel guide for one month.
  • If you leave five reviews across TripHappy, we'll feature you and your blog on our front page for a week.

Map Your Trips and Become a Recommended Itinerary

Promote your travel blog by becoming a recommeded itinerary

Recommended itineraries are displayed on both city and country-level travel guides. Map the trips you've taken (or plan to take) with our trip planner. Your trips will be shown to users planning similar adventures. Your blog's URL is prominently displayed on your trip map: Build links to your travel blog by linking and sharing your trip maps The trips that you create are embeddable and shareable. This lets you add content-rich maps to the posts on your own blog. The more views your trip has, the more likely it is to be featured as a recommended itinerary. Learn how to map your trips here.

Build a TripHappy Profile to Showcase Your Blog

Build links to your travel blog by entering your blog on your TripHappy profile

Fill out your user profile to showcase your blog and trips to our users. Describe the unique content of your blog and attract the travelers most interested in your story. The top of your profile contains your virtual passport, an embeddable and shareable map of every destination you've visited. All of your trips are showcased below, allowing travelers to see everywhere you've gone and any reviews left on our travel guides.

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