Featured Blogger Interview: Julia Antoinette

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Julia Antoinette runs a travel and fashion blog over at juliaantoinette.com. Breaking into the scene can be difficult for new bloggers, but Julia has a pretty solid game plan that's helped her grow quickly so far. We caught up with Julia this week to learn more about her plans for the site.

Headshot of Julia Antoinette from juliaantoinette.com

Tell us about your travel blog. What makes it unique?

JuliaAntoinette.com is a food, fashion, and travel blog that features a little bit of lifestyle and geek on the side. I'm a Fashion Traveler, which isn’t very common at all. I love researching my destinations to create the perfect itineraries and adventures (and what to wear there!) for all locations and activities!

What sort of time commitment do you put in to your travel blog on a weekly basis?

I put in quite a bit of time in my blog considering I’m not a full time blogger. Roughly 3 hours per day is dedicated to creating content, editing videos, creating social media campaigns, and a bunch more other stuff.

Your blog seems to have many topics (e.g. Fashion, Food, Travel). How do you decide what to write about?

I have this “schedule” that I try to maintain. Mondays are for Food or #MondayMunchies, Wednesdays are for fashion, aka #WardrobeWednesdays and Thursdays are from, you guessed it! #TravelThursdays! Of course, I don’t always get to follow my schedule, but I try to!

How do you go about promoting your travel blog? What different ways of getting traffic have you tried and what has been the most successful?

Facebook and Instagram are my best social media platforms. I found that sharing is caring and I share a lot of my best photos and my published work on them can give me amazing traffic.

Do you generate income for your blog? If so, how?

Case in point: I don’t make a lot or often yet, but when I do get a bit of monetary compensation, its usually from sponsored posts.

What is your most popular article? Why do you think it has been so successful?

Its funny because my most popular post isn’t about my fashion traveling, but about my hair. Its my comparison between two hair dye brands. I think its popular because I really do have an answer to it and I don't just vaguely gloss over my opinion.

You have $10,000 USD (482,000 PHP) to plan your dream vacation. Where do you go and what do you do?

With that amount, I think I can make it work to travel all the continents! I’ll start in Asia of course, and slowly make my way towards the Australia, then the Americas and Europe, and finally make it to the Antartic. And maybe treat myself to a few days in a 5 star resort in between. With more than 50,000 PHP per continent to spend, I’m sure I’ll see so many things!

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