How to Create a Beautiful Custom Travel Map

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Mapping a trip you plan to take (or have already taken!) with TripHappy is fast and simple. You don't even need an account, though your trips won't be linked to you if you don't create an account.

Creating a Travel Map

Start by clicking the Map My Trip button at the top of any page. Give your new trip a name and fill out some details about it. Don't worry, you can always skip this part for now and come back to it later.

Add details about your trip on TripHappy

Adding the First Stop

Select a continent, region, country, or city as your first stop. You can also start a trip from any of our travel guides.

Add your trip's first stop on TripHappy

Your first trip will be added to your itinerary. From here, you can click the 'View' button to go to the travel guide and see details about this place, such as: reviews, accomodations, transportation options, sample trips, weather, and more!

Add your trip's first stop on TripHappy

Adding Additional Stops

To add additional stops, click the 'Add Next' button on the destination pop-up or click 'Add Place' on the bottom itinerary bar.

Add your next stop via the destination popup on TripHappy
Add your next stop via the bottom itinerary bar on TripHappy

This will open up the itinerary side menu with suggestions of places to go. Already know where you're headed? Simply type your destination in the search bar. Otherwise, see where other travelers are headed and choose your next destination.

Add your next stop via our suggestion page on TripHappy

You can view more information about each destination and search for transportation options available.

Search for transportation options to your next destination on TripHappy

Manage Your Itinerary

Once you have your first stop selected, the itinerary side menu becomes available.

View your trip's itinerary on TripHappy

Add Notes and Find Transportation

Open the itinerary side menu to search for transportation options and add notes about each stop - keep track of the sights you want to see!

Add notes to your trip on TripHappy

Rearrange Your Itinerary

Rearrange your destinations in the bottom bar. Simply click and drag to change your trip order.

Rearrange your itinerary in the bottom bar on TripHappy

Save, Share, and Embed

Don't forget to save your trip! You can also share your trip via social media and even embed your trip on your own blog.

Share and embed your trip on TripHappy

Video Tutorial

Prefer watching a video? Check out our video below on how to map a trip!

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