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As you hopefully know, we’ve recently released the live version of TripHappy. It’s finally time to take off our developer hats and focus our effort on driving traffic to our application. One of our first goals is to build some domain authority for our site. A common way of doing this is to submit your site to startup directories and review sites. We quickly found hundreds of different review sites. Most of these sites were outdated, half of the links were dead, and some were of dubious quality that will actually hurt your search engine ranking. I spent the last week researching and submitting our site to these directories, and I am writing this post to share everything I learned, including a compiled list of valid, high-quality directories. Disclosure: I have no affiliation with these sites, just tryin' to help.

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A word of warning when promoting your startup

Having done quite a bit of research on SEO best-practices before this, I saw a lot of misleading and downright false information online about these directories.

Don’t post to shady directories

Google groups websites like neighborhoods. Wikipedia is a good neighborhood, so if they link to you, Google assumes you are also a good website. If you are linked from a site that contains malware, Google knows you are in a bad neighborhood and punishes your site in their rankings. Many website directories are considered spam that don’t add any value in the eyes of Google, so putting your website on these directories will actually hurt your rankings. KissMetric gives a good definition of a bad neighborhood:

  • Bad Links – If you see any links to what is known in the SEO world as negative PPC – pills, porn, or casinos – then get out of that neighborhood ASAP.
  • Too Many Links - When it comes to any page on a website, there should be a bigger ratio of content to links. The page shouldn’t be 90% links, 10 % regular content.
  • Spam – Sometimes, even though there are not too many links or bad links, there are still pages that have a disproportionate amount of spam on their pages. It may be to seemingly innocent sites, but chances are if no one is moderating the spam, the bad links are bound to come next.
  • Over Abundance of Ads – Google, ironically a distributor of ads via their own Adsense system, has been cracking down on sites that are more ads than content. Just like a page shouldn’t be 90% links, it shouldn’t be 90% ads either.
  • Poorly Written Content – This one is a little harder to spot, but if you are trying to place content on a site, and you see that the articles are poorly written, then you probably don’t want your content next to it. It’s a sign of sites that may be using “spun” content where someone takes one piece of work and uses software to replace a lot of words to make it seem original.

Don’t use a virtual assistant

Once you start applying to these sites, you’ll realize that most of them ask similar, but slightly different questions. It takes real knowledge of your business to answer these questions accurately and honestly. If you hire a virtual assistant off of ODesk or Elance, they will likely just copy and paste boilerplate answers. It’s very obvious to readers when a description has been C&Ped. Don’t do it. It makes your company look bad and any directory that requires moderation will likely reject your entry. This leads me to my next point...

Don’t copy and paste the same content in every question

Seriously. Again, the goal of this exercise to get featured on as many high-quality websites as possible. These websites don’t accept anyone that applies. Remember, they are businesses too. They want unique, interesting content that their users will be interested in. They too want to be ranked well in the eyes of the search engines, and the Google-gods don’t like duplicate content. Expect to spend 2-3 full days applying to these directories.

What you’ll need to apply to startup directories

In general, here are the things you should prepare before starting this process:

  • Startup name, website, location, and social media links
  • Logo
  • 3-5 screenshots of your startup
  • Pitch video (optional, but helps)
  • Pitch deck (optional, but helps)
  • Founding team (names, bios, and LinkedIn accounts)
  • Founding year
  • # of Employees
  • Information on current funding
  • Awards
  • Elevator pitch (1-2 sentences, have a few variations)
  • Detailed description (1-2 paragraphs, have a few variations )
  • Descriptive Tags
  • Target customers
  • The problem you're solving
  • What makes you different from competitors
  • Current traction and userbase

Without further ado, here is the comprehensive list of places to promote your startup

The domain authority is a number indicating the strength of a website’s presence on the internet (out of 100). These were taken from Moz’s Open Site Explorer, and I made sure to include only high-authority domains. ‘noopener’ in the notes indicates the site will not give you an SEO benefit, but is still good for marketing your site.

The directories are categorized by type. Some directories are only for mobile apps, some are only for sites during beta testing...etc. Click a link below to jump to the category.

Free startup directories

Digg's logo
Stumbleupon's logo
Tech Crunch's logo
Tech Crunch
Boing Boing's logo
Boing Boing
Venture Beat's logo
Venture Beat
Crunch Base's logo
Crunch Base
Ycombinator's logo
Geek Wire's logo
Geek Wire
Springwise's logo
Angel List's logo
Angel List
Product Hunt's logo
Product Hunt
Alternative To's logo
Alternative To
Killer Startups's logo
Killer Startups
Gust's logo
F6S's logo
Vator's logo
VB Profiles's logo
VB Profiles
All My Faves's logo
All My Faves
Next Big What's logo
Next Big What
Inc 42's logo
Inc 42
I Am Wire's logo
I Am Wire
Nibletz's logo
Paggu's logo
Stack Share's logo
Stack Share
SnapMunk's logo
Startup Stash's logo
Startup Stash
Tech Faster's logo
Tech Faster
Robingood's logo
Startup Beat's logo
Startup Beat
CloudBook's logo
101 Best Websites's logo
101 Best Websites
New-Startups's logo
Pineapple's logo
Mevvy's logo
The Startup Pitch's logo
The Startup Pitch
Startup Ranking's logo
Startup Ranking
Lauching Next's logo
Lauching Next
Rate My Startup's logo
Rate My Startup
Web App Rater's logo
Web App Rater
Tech Pluto's logo
Tech Pluto
Idea Hunt's logo
Idea Hunt
Mobilzed's logo
Startup88's logo
Startup Dope's logo
Startup Dope
Maqtoob's logo
Startup Tabs's logo
Startup Tabs
Venture Break's logo
Venture Break
On the App's logo
On the App
Tech Map's logo
Tech Map
Random Startup's logo
Random Startup
Geekopedia's logo
Crazy About Startups's logo
Crazy About Startups
Just Gone Live's logo
Just Gone Live
FireSpotting's logo
Cool Startup Bro's logo
Cool Startup Bro
Tech Greet's logo
Tech Greet
Start-ups's logo
Side Projects's logo
Side Projects
Side Projectors's logo
Side Projectors
Startup Buffer's logo
Startup Buffer
Next Big Product's logo
Next Big Product
Makerbase's logo
Signup First's logo
Signup First
Launch List's logo
Launch List
BreakPoint's logo
Launch Sky's logo
Launch Sky
Appoid's logo
Startup Inspire's logo
Startup Inspire
WibbleWaggle's logo
App Storm's logo
App Storm
Startup Register's logo
Startup Register
App Rater's logo
App Rater
Inspired Beta's logo
Inspired Beta
Really-aweso.me's logo
AdHipster's logo
All Startups's logo
All Startups
Beterest's logo
Launched's logo

B2B startup directories

Software Advice's logo
Software Advice
Capterra's logo
Trust Radius's logo
Trust Radius
G2 Crowd's logo
G2 Crowd
App Appeal's logo
App Appeal
Discover Cloud's logo
Discover Cloud
Startup Resources's logo
Startup Resources
Start HQ's logo
Start HQ
CSS Mania's logo
CSS Mania
Feed My App's logo
Feed My App
Feedback Army's logo
Feedback Army
All Top Startups's logo
All Top Startups
Erlibird's logo
Startup Lift's logo
Startup Lift
Startups's logo
Launch List's logo
Launch List
Operation 6 Fig's logo
Operation 6 Fig
Discova's logo
BizTechXperts's logo

Beta startup directories

BetaList's logo
Museum of Modern Beta's logo
Museum of Modern Beta
Beta Bound's logo
Beta Bound
Beta Page's logo
Beta Page

Mobile app startup directories

App Advice's logo
App Advice
Apps 400's logo
Apps 400
State of Tech's logo
State of Tech
Apps Mirror's logo
Apps Mirror
AppsNow's logo
Apps Listo's logo
Apps Listo
Apps Mamma's logo
Apps Mamma
AppsThunder's logo

SaaS startup directories

Cnet's logo
Get App's logo
Get App
Postscapes's logo
CloudShowPlace's logo
MosaicHub's logo
Cloudli.st's logo
SaaSGenius's logo
CrozDesk's logo

Subreddit startup directories

/r/Startups's logo
/r/SmallBusiness's logo
/r/Coupons's logo
/r/DesignCritiques's logo
/r/SideProject's logo
/r/ShamelessPlug's logo
/r/AlphaandBetausers's logo
/r/LadyBusiness's logo
/r/IndieBiz's logo
/r/RoastMyStartup's logo
/r/Entrepreneur's logo
/r/IMadeThis's logo

Am I missing something?

Comment below and I'll make sure to add it to this list, with credit of course!

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