Where to Stay in Atlanta

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Areas to Stay in Atlanta

Atlanta at a Glance

The city of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States is known for giving birth to the Civil Rights Movement, having been home to some of the most important figures of the era. Today, Atlanta is known for its hospitality, as well as its multicultural vibe - one in ten people living there are from outside the US. Due to this, there are over 1,000 places of worship, including churches, mosques, synagogues, and Hindu and Buddhist temples. In fact, the largest Hindu Temple in the world outside India is found just outside of Atlanta.

In addition, the city has many sights that allure tourists, from Coca Cola World, the epic sports teams, or the world’s largest aquarium - the Georgia Aquarium. Atlanta is also known for shining the light over now-famous rappers & Hip Hop artists like Ludacris, Outkast and Usher, as well as singer John Mayer. \

Despite being a city filled with skyscrapers, more than 70 roads have the word ‘Peachtree’ in their names - a throwback to the cities orchard roots. A short drive from the city are the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are a perfect escape from the busy city center.

Atlanta Neighborhoods

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