Where to Stay in Antwerp

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Areas to Stay in Antwerp

Antwerp at a Glance

Found in the regions of Flanders, Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium, 25 miles north of Brussels and has three official languages; Dutch, French and German, as well as many of the locals speaking Flemish.

The medieval heart of the city is a maze of cobbled streets, brimming with cafés and restaurants, whilst the vibrant fashion and entertainment scene is ever-growing. The city was the home to famous painter, Reubens, who was buried in the Church of St. James. In addition, you can visit his house and admire his works, in particularly in the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA).

The statue of a mythical giant called Antigoon found outside Antwerp Town Hall is said to be the legend of how the city received its name. The giant lived by the Sheldt river and would demand payment from all who wished to cross the river, if they refused, Antigoon would chop off one of their hands and throw it in the river. Along comes a brave young soldier named Brabo, who succeeded in his revenge, cutting of the giant’s hand and throwing it in the river. The Dutch name Antwerpen comes from the meaning ‘to throw a hand’.

Antwerp Neighborhoods

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