Our Story

It’s finally here. After months of researching and meticulously planning every detail, you're about to begin your dream trip. You make it through immigration and hop in a cab. The taxi driver tries to charge you too much, but you’ve done your research and bargain him down. After settling in for lunch at a local cafe that you read about in a 'Top 10' list, you spark up a conversation with some fellow travelers and tell them your itinerary.

"You’re going there?” they ask, “that place is pretty expensive, not to mention filled with tourists."

"Oh," your heart sinks, “but it sounded so good in my guidebook…"

Does this sound familiar? Every traveler knows this story and so do we because it’s happened to us. After planning multiple overseas trips and being disappointed with the quality of information we found on online forums and in anonymous guidebooks, we kept realizing that the best advice always came from other travelers. Wouldn't it be easier if you could directly talk to travelers who just returned from the countries you want to visit?

What is TripHappy?

There are endless resources online to help you plan an overseas trip, but these can only help you if you already know where you want to go and how to organize your route. TripAdvisor can be a valuable source, but how do you know you will enjoy the same activites as the other reviewers? Were they written by a traveler like you, or a retired couple on an organized tour? 300-page guidebooks are stuffed with information, but the writers make every destination sound fantastic, and do you really want your entire day to be pre-planned by some editor sitting in an office 3,000 miles away? And won't their recommended activities be packed with other tourists that also read this book? Doesn't sound like such a great way to spend your time abroad.

TripHappy offers you routes, recommendations, and reviews from thousands of travelers to help you build the best possible itinerary that is catered to your personal tastes. Easily design your own route through amazing destinations that our community recommends and skip the places not worth your time. Don't trust the generic info you find online. Pick stops based on your travel style, interests, budget, and time. We want to help you see the best that the world has to offer.

Meet the TripHappy Team

Benjamin Granas, the founder of TripHappy, the best Trip Planner ever
Ben Granas
Los Gatos, CA
Calvin Hawkes, the founder of TripHappy, the best Trip Planner ever
Calvin Hawkes
Los Gatos, CA
Carl Grafmuller, the founder of TripHappy, the best Trip Planner ever
Carl Grafmuller
New York, NY

Outside Advisors

Anirudh Sathya, some guy we found under a bus
Anirudh Sathya
Bridgewater, NJ